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I was fascinated to learn this week that more than 18,000 people park in Newcastle Airport’s car parks each month.  I was even more fascinated to learn that over half of those parking, do so for two hours or less.

I have worked at Newcastle Airport for many years and know firsthand that many people are unsure about car parking at Newcastle Airport and have a lot of questions about car parking.

The Airport website has an entire page dedicated to car parking  information but, below is a quick guide and a few insider tips.

1. Before you even leave home, decide where you’re going to park and get an estimated parking cost from our online calculator
Getting an estimated cost for parking in each of our car parks is as simple viewing our car parking calculator , entering your entry and exit dates and times, then hitting ‘Go’.

The page will then show you the estimated cost for each car park for the length of your stay^.

Tip: did you know that you can park in our Premium, Short Stay, Long Say, and Long Stay Saver Car Parks for as long as you want? Be it an hour, a month, a year, you really can park for as long as you want.


2. Give yourself plenty of time to park and get to check-in
For domestic flights all passengers must be checked in at least 30 minutes prior to the departure time.

I recommend you aim to arrive with at least an hour to spare.

Remember you have to find a park, unload your bags, make your way to the terminal, check–in, and then make your way through security in preparation to board the aircraft!

Who wants to be rushed and miss the chance to chill with a coffee or wine before your flight?

3. To save some coin, think about parking in Long Stay Saver Car Park and getting the Long Stay Saver Shuttle to the terminal
Long Stay Saver Car Park is Newcastle Airport’s most economical parking option. It has the added bonus of being serviced by Long Stay Saver Shuttle – our dedicated, free-of-charge bus that operates between Long Stay Saver Car Park and the Airport terminal*.

Long Stay Saver Shuttle operates from 4.45am until the last arriving flight.  It’s really easy to use Long Stay Saver Shuttle when you park in Long Stay Saver Car Park, simply go to the bus shelter at the Long Stay Saver Car Park, hit the red button on the intercom (this activates to alert the driver you’re there) and hey presto, your driver will arrive shortly after.

Tip: When you return to Newcastle Airport, the Long Stay Saver Shuttle pick-up point is to the left of the arrivals exit doors.

Or, if you’re looking to increase your daily steps, the walk from Long Stay Saver Car Park to the terminal is around seven minutes.

4. Don’t park your car outside of a designated airport car park
With more than 3,000 car spaces you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding a park. And, if you park in a designated park you won’t run the risk of being fined or towed. 

5. Best way to pay
You can pay for your parking either in the terminal using cash or card at the car parking pay stations located in the check-in and arrivals halls, or as you exit the car park by inserting your ticket at the exit boom gate followed by your credit card (the boom gate will not open until you take the receipt from the machine).

Paypass / payWave facilitates are also available for Visa and MasterCard at the pay stations in the terminal and at exit boom gates.

^ All prices are an estimate and guide only. There is no pre-booking of car spaces.

* Seatbelts must be worn by all passengers on Long Stay Saver Shuttle. Newcastle Airport provides one adjustable NSW legislated child restraint for newborns and children aged up to seven years old. 

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