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Given the amount of aerosol cans that are surrendered at the security screening point each week, and the frustration we see when some aerosols are taken and not others, we’d shed some more light on why this is.

The Civil Aviation Safety Legislation classifies some aerosols as ‘dangerous goods’. In short, you can take your ‘medicinal or toiletry’ aerosol cans, such as hair sprays, cologne, deodorants, shaving foam, personal disinfectant, etc in your hand luggage. But there are some limitations.

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority states: “Release valves on these aerosols must be protected by a cap or other means to prevent inadvertent release of the contents”.  This means your aerosol needs to have a lid, or a locking device to stop it from accidently spraying during the flight. 

If your aerosol is for ‘sporting or home use’, such as air fresheners, fly spray etc, you can take it with you, but must be checked in.Here’s more detail and explanation about personal aerosols and toiletries

24 hours in Perth - Travel_Australia

My first ever trip to Perth was a whirlwind event. I arrived at the airport at lunchtime and had around 24 hours on the ground before I had a meeting to attend and a flight to catch back to the east coast. I was lucky enough to have a mate who had relocated to Perth who showed me some of the sights. I have returned to Perth a few times since and absolutely love it. While it is a little bit pricy, it is also modern, clean and very hospitable.

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Whether you have a personal guide or not there are plenty of things to check out if you only have a little bit of time to kill before you jet off again. My favourite things were:

  1. Perth Zoo.
  2. Perth zoo is located on the western side of the swan river. If you are staying in the city it is very easy to grab a ferry across the river and take a short walk to the front gate. This zoo is amazing with all of the usual animal suspects to check out including lions, tigers, elephants, and all of the local Australian wildlife. If (like my wife and I) you love Orang-utans this is the zoo for you as they have a huge enclosure to watch these beautiful primates in all their glory. For more information check out

  3. Watch a sunset over the Indian ocean
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    If you have been an east coaster your whole life and have never seen the sun set over the ocean take the time to check it out on your day in Perth. There are so many beautiful beaches and ocean spots along the Perth western suburbs that provide the perfect area to kick back and enjoy the view. Cottesloe beach provides pristine sand or grassed terraces to tick this off your travel list.

  5. Check out the attractions in Perth City
  6. There are heaps of things to do in Perth city itself, all of which are within walking distance or a short hop on public transport. You can check out Perth mint, take a stroll through Kings Park, or visit the WA Cultural Centre. In addition Perth city has a great shopping area, lots of great eating areas and plenty of bars to check out. All the information you need is at

  7. Head down to Fremantle
  8. Half an hour to forty five minutes from Perth City is Fremantle – known for its alfresco dining and alternative vibe. You can check out Fremantle prison, the Western Australian Maritime Museum, or relax and grab a cold brew from the Little Creatures brewery. For those who love a bit of rock keep an eye out for the statue of Bon Scott down on the waterfront. For more information on Fremantle check out

  9. Visit the Crown casino precinct
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    For those that like a flutter or a night on the town, you can head to the Crown casino precinct. Crown Perth hosts a 24-hour casino, two hotels, multiple award-winning bars and restaurants, a nightclub, a day spa, resort style pool, golf course, theatre, indoor stadium, and retail outlets. There is plenty to see and do no matter what you’re looking for.

If you have a a bit longer than 24 hours, add Rottenest Island to your itinerary and check out the Quokkas, or head to Mandurah or Margret River for a laid back beach break with spectacular food and wine.

Make the most of a short stay in Perth, get out and enjoy yourself, you might be very surprised what the city has to offer.

Both Jetstar and Virgin Australia can fly to Perth from Newcastle, with a brief stopover in either Melbourne or Brisbane.

How to travel with a baby - Travel_tips

One of our very own team members recently embarked on his first flight with a baby in tow. Here’s how he found the experience and his tips for other parents.

Following the birth of our first child, my wife and I decided that it was time for a family getaway in the sunshine.  So we booked our flights to Brisbane. 

The night before our flight

The night before we were due to leave, our suitcases were packed and our carry on was bursting.  We were prepared for every scenario: poo explosions, screaming episodes, sore ears, first-time snow in Queensland, you name it, we were prepared for it.

The morning of …

As first-time parents, and first-time flying with a baby, to say we were a bit worried about how Baby would handle the flight is a massive understatement.  Combine this with the fact we were booked on a 6.30am departure, any sort of normal morning routine was swiftly thrown out the window.

My alarm sounded at 4.30am.  Anyone with a child will know that getting out of the house is a mad rush at the best of times.  This was exacerbated by the fact we had to wake the baby EARLY.  Not ideal.

However, we did manage to get ourselves out of the house, and arrive at the airport with time to spare.  Things were going smoothly.

At the airport

Before we passed through screening, we changed the baby’s nappy, made sure we had a full bottle ready for take-off and landing, and checked the dummy was definitely in the backpack.

Given my airport experience I didn’t use a baby carrier as I passed through screening, as I’d have to take it off for it to be screened.  I simply carried Baby through the walk-through metal detector. (Baby can’t walk through himself, but, as he gets older, I will have to figure out a way to coax him through.  Maybe his favourite toy might work well—once it has been screened through the x-ray of course.)

Boarding the aircraft and the flight

As we boarded, I wished I was a spider and had a few spare sets of hands.  But we managed to get on board, and settled.  Just before we took off, I popped the dummy in Baby’s mouth and take-off happened with no issues; we were lucky.  But, we were prepared for issues with his ears—we had the dummy and bottle ready.

During the short flight, we gave baby a feed, and shortly after he went to sleep.  Just before we landed, we again put the dummy back in his mouth and we landed without incident or crying.

Disembarking at the other end

As we had so much ‘stuff’ we waited until everyone else was off before we disembarked the aircraft.  We made it to Brisbane!

My top tips for flying with a baby:

  • Prepare everything the night before.
  • During your flight, have at your fingertips everything your baby needs to stay happy: food, dummy, toys, blanket, change of nappy/clothes.
  • Be realistic about what you need to take on-board the aircraft—do you really need five changes of clothes for a one-hour flight?
  • Ask for help.  At Newcastle Airport we have, Ambassadors, Operations and airline staff, you’ll be amazed at how far people will go to help if you just ask.
  • Buy a stroller at the other end—you can pick one up for about $20.  It will save you lugging yours around at the airport and paying any applicable extra baggage charges.  And the bonus? You won’t feel guilty leaving the cheap one behind when you fly home.

Airport security: why is it different around Australia? - Airport_News

Have you ever been asked to surrender an item at security that, when you went through security another airport, wasn’t a problem?  That item might be a can of deodorant, hair spray, or even an occy strap. 

We know, it’s super annoying, and confusing. Why are you surrendering an item at Airport B when Airport A allowed it?

In simple terms, the Federal Government has rules and regulations about what can and can’t be taken on board a flight. 

For better or worse, these rules and regulations are not exhaustive; they’re based on generic explanations of what constitutes a ‘prohibited item, weapon or dangerous good’.  Now, as the rules and regulations are general, it’s the responsibility of each airport and their security screening officers to determine what items are deemed unsafe to take flying. 

I know it’s getting confusing, but stay with me on this. There’s an upside and a downside to the broad definitions. We’ll tackle the downside first.

Because each airport has their own interpretation of the broad definitions of ‘prohibited item, weapon or dangerous good’, the unfortunate reality is that passengers are often confused and annoyed by the inconsistencies among different airports as they travel.  As the person who'se job it is to explain why this occurs, I understand your frustrations.

So then, what’s the upside of the broad definitions? Well, without them, there’d be a phone-book sized list of items that aren’t allowed to fly and as a passenger, getting through security and the list would take a very long time.

What you can do to make sure you don’t have to surrender your items when travelling

Check out the dedicated security page on our website.  This will give you an idea of what is, and isn’t allowed through security at Newcastle Airport. 

If you have an really unusual item, phone us before you travel (during business hours is best), and we’ll check out the rules and regulations for you and advise whether the item will be allowed to pass through security.

Don’t forget, you can always speak with your airline. They will also have plenty of information on what you can and cannot take flying.

Security is about safety

Above all, it’s important to remember that security points are in place to keep you, and all our passengers, safe. 

Share this post with your friends, family, and fellow flyers so they too can understand why the rules are different around the country and the world.

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