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In a post earlier this month, we explained why you encounter different rules about surrendered items at airports around the country.

But, given the amount of aerosol cans that are surrendered at security each week, and the frustration we see when some aerosols are taken and not others, we’d shed some more light on why this is.

The Civil Aviation Safety Legislation classifies some aerosols as ‘dangerous goods’. In short, you can take your ‘medicinal or toiletry’ aerosol cans, such as hair sprays, cologne, deodorants, shaving foam, personal disinfectant, etc in your hand luggage. But there are some limitations.

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority states: “Release valves on these aerosols must be protected by a cap or other means to prevent inadvertent release of the contents”.  This means your aerosol needs to have a lid, or a locking device to stop it from accidently spraying during the flight.

If your aerosol is for ‘sporting or home use’, such as air fresheners, fly spray etc, you can take it with you, but must be checked in.Here’s more detail and explanation about personal aerosols and toiletries.

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