An open letter to the people of the Hunter - News

Dear the people of the Hunter, Wow, hasn’t there been some interest in our airport during the month of May! It’s heartening to see so much passion from our region.

Seven destinations to see in 2016 - Travel_the_World

Everyone headed to Brazil for the World Cup in 2014 and, this year, Brazil will play host again to another world-class sporting event: the Olympic Games. Known for its love of a carnivale, Rio de Janeiro is readying itself for a party of all parties

The story behind airport codes - Travel_the_world

Three-letter airport codes are part of the alphabet soup of travel, and while some are glaringly obvious others are completely cryptic. So what's really in an airport code? Let's start with some homegrown examples

Cities without their famous tourist landmarks - travel the world

One of the great wonders of travelling the world is the excitement of seeing cities and their famous landmarks. The Opera House is iconic for Sydney, the Eifel Tower is iconic for Paris

How to immerse yourself in local culture when you travel - Travel_the_World

A real differentiator between a tourist and a traveller is how much you immerse yourself in the culture of your destination. Certainly, there are some ‘tourist’ attractions that should not be left off anyone

Planning an overseas holiday - Travel_the_World

Planning a holiday is exciting. Researching all the sights you can see, the foods you can taste, and the people you might meet builds the suspense for the excitement that’s to come once you embark on your journey

Stockholm will leave you wanting more - Travel_the_world

Especially in autumn. The morning air is crisp, the days are still warm, and if you’re lucky, the sun is shining. This is certainly a country that will leave you wanting more and if it hasn’t already made it onto your bucket list

Berlin, more than a party city - Travel_the_world

Berlin has a reputation as one of Europe’s best party cities. While this is true, the night life is wild, there is also much to see during the day. The modern history alone is phenomenal

Japan, a hop, skip and jump away - Travel_the_World

In the past 18 months, flights to Japan have made this country an affordable and pretty simple destination for Aussies to visit.  Already this year, two of our Airport team has made the trek to Japan

48 hours in Prague will leave you wanting more - Travel_the_World

Prague is beautiful. The architecture is amazing, the people are wonderful, and the history is mind-blowing.  During a recent European trip I had a couple of days to fill.  Good fortune meant a friend of mine did too

Travel hacks to save you money in Europe - Travel_the_world

Travelling abroad is a luxury that more and more of us are indulging in. However, that doesn't mean it’s easy to keep costs down when striking out in a new country or continent. These hacks will help keep your bank balance in the black when you do decide to indulge in some overseas delights.

How to beat jetlag - Travel_the_world

Travelling is fantastic. I love the excitement of getting on plane and visiting somewhere different. But, if you’re travelling long-haul, or in Australia from one side to the other, jet lag can be a killer

Nine signs you're a good traveller - Travel_the_world

It’s a true wonder of the world that English is such a universal language. Every tourist region has English-speaking staff. This makes it so easy for us English-speaking tourists to get around

How to find luxury for less - Travel_the_World

The word ‘luxury’ often conjures the thought ‘expensive’ but when you’re travelling the two words don’t always have to go hand-in-hand. If you take the time to think a bit differently and research before you leave

Commonly mispronounced places across the world - Travel_the_World

Aussies love to travel but when it comes to pronunciation we may not be as worldly as we think. Here are 18 places that you may not know you are saying wrong

Rethink your flights when you head overseas - Travel_the_World

Today we launched a joint campaign with Singapore Airlines challenging you, residents of the Hunter, to ‘rethink’ how you fly internationally

Newcastle to Vanuatu, it is possible! - Travel_the_World

I was recently very much in need of a holiday, but as a mother of two small boys (aged four and 18 months) the idea of travelling anywhere for any length of time

A city hit list for travelling on a shoestring - Travel_the_World

Travel site Tripomatic has announced the cities that were the most affordable for travellers in 2014. Using the 50 most popular cities in the world* as their starting list, they then ranked these cities in order from cheapest to most expensive

9 travel destinations that will be hot this year - Travel_the_World

Travelling to big cities is always exciting but, so is getting off the beaten track. Here is my pick of 9 destinations that will come into their own this year as they make their way onto more

Top 20 cities you need to see in your lifetime - Travel_the_World

The travel bucket list just seems to get longer and longer every year.
But, some cities are on the majority of bucket lists because they are simply just awesome

Fly to New Zealand, it's so easy - Travel_the_World

New Zealand is the top international destination for travellers from the Hunter region, according to the State of the Nation report released by this week

Newcastle to Fiji? Yes please! - Travel_the_world

Newcastle Airport is great. If you’re a local, it’s convenient; if you’re from out of town, it’s small enough that you can be on the road within minutes of landing
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