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Obviously a round-the-world flight ticket would be the perfect gift for the traveller in your life, but for those of us who aren’t millionaires or flush with cash here are a few gifts that are going to make someone’s next journey that much better.

A travel pillow

We have to admit these u-shaped mini beanbags look pretty silly hanging from the backpacks of travellers when they’re not in use. But, when you’ve been travelling for 24 hours you don’t care how silly you look, you just want something soft to rest your head on.

The carry-on travel pillow is a lifesaver on a long or short flight; whether you’re flying overseas or interstate, catching some sleep in transit makes every adventure better. The neck pillow pictured above can be purchased from NewsTravels in our terminal for $19.95

A book they can’t put down

A little more inspirational than a guide book, a travel novel makes a great gift – especially if the book is based in your receiver’s favourite place. The Beach, The Alchemist, Wild, or Eat, Pray, Love are some great travel favourites. Even without a holiday on the horizon, a good travel book can make you feel like you’ve been on the adventure too.

Colouring books are not just for kids these days; the repetition, pattern, and detail has a meditative effect on the brain and allows a time out from technology. This is the perfect gift for your traveller friend searching for their inner zen.

Find a last-minute book gift at NewsTravels for a friend or in-flight read for yourself. The books featured in the image above are Girls who travel by Nicole Trilivas ($32.99), The Travellers and other stories by Carys Davies ($29.99) and a selection of The Mindfulness Colouring Book collection ($16.99).

Portable, easy-to-pack snacks

As great as airline food is, it’s always a relief to know you have something that will satisfy your tummy rumbles until you arrive at your destination. We have a sweet-tooth and can’t go past a pack of Starbursts ($4.50 from NewsTravels) for any flight, even if it’s only a one-hour jaunt with FlyPelican to Ballina.

A bonus bag

A foldaway travel bag is the perfect item to secret away in your suitcase read for use on your flight home. Pictured above is one from Korjo ($19.99 at NewsTravels) that takes up almost no room and folds out to become a strong, spacious extra hold-all.

Perfect for a holiday that sees the traveller shopping until they’re droppin’ and wantin’ to avoid excess baggage fees on their flight home.

Noise cancelling headphones

Every traveller needs a good pair of noise-cancelling headphones; they protect you from the Economy Class Symphony that usually includes a solo from an upset baby and a back-up singers harmonising over another in-flight chardy.

Control your environment by only listening to what you want. Sony noise cancelling headphones are available from NewsTravels from $159.95—other headphones start from $59.95 at NewsTravels.

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