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This week our departure lounge received a face lift, we had 241 state-of-the-art seats installed at Departure Gates 1, 2 and 3. 

What makes them state-of-the-art you ask? Well, they’re constructed from a silver powder-coated mild-steel frame, have polished aluminium legs and arms, and are covered in a sexy leather-look upholstery. 

But, it’s not just their construction that makes them so spiffy.

It’s this that’s going to blow your hair back. Our new seats have power outlets. Yes, you just read that right. The brand-spanking new seats have power outlets so you can charge your <insert your chosen device here> before you fly. And, we are proudly the first Australian airport to offer this wonderful invention, in this particular style of seat, to its passengers.

So, next time you have a panic attack at the airport when you see that little battery bar turn red, be grateful that you’re at Newcastle because we have your back. 
This face-lift not only looks sexy, but means we’ve added an extra 150 charge points to the existing 100 power points that were already in the departure lounge.
It’s just one more reason why it’s smarter to fly from Newcastle Airport. Happy device charging. Check out our handy list of other charge points in the airport.

Maria ( Stitch This )
06-Jun-2017 08:52 PM
Maria ( Stitch This )
06-Jun-2017 08:52 PM
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