How to travel in style - Travel_Tips

Living the jet-set life sounds so glamourous; we see celebrities and bloggers living it up in private planes and flying first class. But for those of us who choose to spend more on the holiday than the transport, I’ll let you in on a little secret

Holiday Guilt. You’re not alone. - Travel_Tips

Feel like you’re wasting time when you’re trying to unwind? You’re not the only one
Most Australians struggle to relax while on holiday.  Eight out of 10 workers recently

Reasons to travel in your 20s - Travel_Tips

The decade of your 20s is for exploration and experimentation. Make a choice to meet new people, taste new food, see new cities, and try new things, just because you want to. Make the choice to travel

Why you should go to the Melbourne Cup - Travel_Australia

I went to the Melbourne Cup and I didn’t place a bet. I was so caught up in the revelry and the sunshine that I also almost forgot to watch the main event

How to create the best travel Instagram - Travel_Tips

With an average of 70 million photos posted on Instagram every day, it’s really not hard to believe that every two minutes we take more pictures than the whole of humanity did in the 1800s

6 things you don’t need to pack - Travel_tips

Packing for a holiday can present some unexpected challenges, mainly deciding between what you want to pack and what you need to pack.

Why you should visit Canberra with kids - Travel_Australia

Canberra is our nation’s capital, the home of Australian Parliament, and probably not the first place you think of when dreaming up a family holiday

NTL terminal expansion weekly update: 12 May 2015 - Airport_News

This week work on Newcastle Airport’s terminal expansion again focused on the fit-out of our new food, beverage, and retail space
Ceilings have been completed and are ready to be painted

14 must pack items for carry on - Travel_Tips

Newcastle Airport are advocates for packing light—but in your mission to keep your carry-on under seven kilograms, don’t forget these essential items.

Why you should travel with your partner - Travel_Tips

There’s wives tales about how your partner treats their parents is how you can expect they’ll treat you. What I’ve found to be an even more reliable barometer of relationship success

How to avoid blowing the 7kg weight limit for carry on - Travel_Tips

This is a standard limit set by the airlines and is ample if you’re also checking in a suitcase. If you’re travelling with carry-on luggage only, it pays make sure you’re not overweight

How to balance your urge to travel with your work - Travel_Tips

Work-life balance can sometimes seem fictional – like unicorns, and getting a full eight hours sleep – but it’s not as though these things don’t exist*, you just have to create time for them

Newcastle to Vanuatu, it is possible! - Travel_the_World

I was recently very much in need of a holiday, but as a mother of two small boys (aged four and 18 months) the idea of travelling anywhere for any length of time

5 travel lessons to take with you everywhere - Travel_Tips

The saying “travel is the only thing that you buy that makes you richer” is quite insightful. When you book the flights for your next adventure, the cardboard ticket that lets you board the plane isn’t the only thing you get in exchange

The best shopping spots in Melbourne - Travel_Australia

Melbourne is one of my favourite places to shop because it is so easy to get around, once you’ve topped up your myki Melbourne is your oyster

Why you should travel around Australia in 2015 - Travel_Australia

Tasmania has been named in Lonely Planet’s Top 10 Regions for 2015. It earned this title based on recommendations from hundreds of authors, travellers, bloggers, and tweeters

Why you need to go to the Australian Open once in your life - Travel_Australia

Tennis has a way of mesmerising you like no other sport. The pendulum-style back-and-forth of the ball hypnotises even the most disinclined sports fans into thinking that sitting under the Melbourne sun for hours

Travel tips from industry insiders - Travel_Tips

One of the perks of working at an Airport is collecting travel tips from industry insiders and gypsy globetrotters that are forever roaming the world/building that I work in

The top 5 travel mistakes and how not to make them - Travel_Tips

like to be organised, and this is particularly so when it comes to planning a holiday. For me, planning a trip is almost as fun a taking the trip itself – I said almost

The advantages of travelling solo - Tips_and_Hints

When I decided to take a summer school elective in my final year of university, I thought why not tend to my adventurous streak and study abroad?

Liquids, aerosols, and gels at Newcastle Airport - Airport_News

Did you know that there are different rules for what is allowed on board a domestic flight to what is allowed on board an international flight

Four best blogs about Newcastle - Travel_Australia

ourists and locals alike know that not far from the airport you can cuddle a dolphin or watch a whale in Port Stephens, and that by moving away from the coast you can guzzle all the Semillon or Shiraz

Winter getaway: Melbourne - Travel_Australia

Being able to wear coats and boots without breaking a sweat is such a cosy and delightful novelty for those hailing from Newcastle; winter in Melbourne offers the perfect weather for such an outfit

Winter getaway: Gold Coast - Travel_Australia

The Gold Coast stretches along the southern coast of Queensland and is renowned for its theme parks and for being home to some of Australia’s most beautiful beaches

See more than suitcases at Newcastle Airport - Airport_news

When you step into Newcastle Airport you see more than suitcases and flight attendants … you also see emotional ‘see you soons’ in the departure lounge, and excited ‘I missed you so much!’ in the arrivals hall

Melbourne is where you need to be - Travel_Australia

For the next two weeks Melbourne Park is where you need to be.
Don’t miss Vika, Roger, Lleyton, Rafa, Andy or Maria battle

Schools out: the wrap on Newcastle Airport's Schools Program in 2012 - Airport_News

As a childless, twenty-something, and airport marketeer, the end of the school year, you would think, is beyond my concern
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