Aerosols and airport security-Airport_news

Given the amount of aerosol cans that are surrendered at the security screening point each week, and the frustration we see when some aerosols are taken and not others, we’d shed some more light on why this is.

24 hours in Perth - Travel_Australia

My first ever trip to Perth was a whirlwind event. I arrived at the airport at lunchtime and had around 24 hours on the ground before I had a meeting to attend and a flight to catch back to the east coast. I was lucky enough to have a mate who had relocated to Perth

How to travel with a baby - Travel_tips

One of Newcastle Airport's very own team members recently embarked on his first flight with a baby in tow. Here’s how he found the experience and his tips for other parents.

Airport security: why is it different around Australia? - Airport_News

Have you ever been asked to surrender an item at security that, when you went through security another airport, wasn’t a problem? That item might be a can of deodorant, hair spray, or even an occy strap
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