Gear up for Gold Coast Airport Marathon - Travel_Australia

In early July 2017 thousands will descend on the Gold Coast to take part in the annual Gold Coast Airport Marathon.

Films that will ignite your sense of wanderlust - Travel_Tips

Movies, films, cinema.  Whatever word you use to describe them, there’s nothing quite like one to set your sense of wanderlust alight.
The films in this list are sure to set your imagination into overdrive as you picture yourself

Stockholm will leave you wanting more - Travel_the_world

Especially in autumn. The morning air is crisp, the days are still warm, and if you’re lucky, the sun is shining. This is certainly a country that will leave you wanting more and if it hasn’t already made it onto your bucket list

Berlin, more than a party city - Travel_the_world

Berlin has a reputation as one of Europe’s best party cities. While this is true, the night life is wild, there is also much to see during the day. The modern history alone is phenomenal

Five reasons you should quit your job and travel - Travel_tips

Almost everyone has at some stage dreamed about quitting their day-job and travelling the globe. For most people, as quickly as this thought comes to mind, it is swatted away as a fantasy

New dining options open for business - Airport_News

Today three of our new dining options opened their doors to our passengers
Cibo Café is located in the arrivals hall welcomes travellers with aromatic coffee and decadent sweet-treats

48 hours in Prague will leave you wanting more - Travel_the_World

Prague is beautiful. The architecture is amazing, the people are wonderful, and the history is mind-blowing.  During a recent European trip I had a couple of days to fill.  Good fortune meant a friend of mine did too

Travel hacks to save you money in Europe - Travel_the_world

Travelling abroad is a luxury that more and more of us are indulging in. However, that doesn't mean it’s easy to keep costs down when striking out in a new country or continent. These hacks will help keep your bank balance in the black when you do decide to indulge in some overseas delights.

Stay healthy on holiday - Travel_Tips

There’s nothing worse than going on holidays only to be struck down with a severe cold / migraine headache / a 24-hour bug / a massive allergic reaction. I’ve been unfortunate to go through all of these; some unfortunately while stuck in a plane.

Five of the best laneways to explore in Melbourne - Travel_Australia

Melbourne. Famous for sport, food, shopping, and laneways.
I love exploring the laneways. I always feel like I’m Alice in Wonderland, never quite sure what’s going to be revealed to me

How to beat jetlag - Travel_the_world

Travelling is fantastic. I love the excitement of getting on plane and visiting somewhere different. But, if you’re travelling long-haul, or in Australia from one side to the other, jet lag can be a killer

Nine signs you're a good traveller - Travel_the_world

It’s a true wonder of the world that English is such a universal language. Every tourist region has English-speaking staff. This makes it so easy for us English-speaking tourists to get around

How to find luxury for less - Travel_the_World

The word ‘luxury’ often conjures the thought ‘expensive’ but when you’re travelling the two words don’t always have to go hand-in-hand. If you take the time to think a bit differently and research before you leave

The worst type of travelling companions - Travel_Tips

I’ve been fortunate to do decent bit of travel. I’ve travelled with family, my partner, with an organised group tour, and have also travelled solo. For the most-part, I’ve experienced some great travel companions; but I haven’t always struck the jackpot

Travel agents aren’t passé; how to find a great one - Travel_Tips

The wonderful world wide web has made booking your own travel seem easy and cheap.
But, sometimes booking your holiday can be overwhelming and considerably time consuming

Aussie slang explained - Travel_Australia

When travelling around the world to non-English speaking countries, I find that I naturally slow down the speed in which I talk. Pretty much every country around the world speaks English

Things you didn’t know about airline food - Travel_Tips

In the sky, due to the reduced-pressure environment of the aircraft cabin, water boils at 90 degrees Celsius. Any tea connoisseur knows this isn’t hot enough for the correct brewing

How to put your business travel on a budget - Travel_Tips

Long gone are the days of luxurious and automatic business class travel if you are travelling for work. Instead, these days it’s all about the bottom line and staying under budget

Visit these seven wonders of Australia to be true blue - Travel_Australia

Australia is a very proud nation. We love our Aussie icons, proudly don the green and gold, and we chant our war cry in every corner of the globe

Six questions to ask before you book your next holiday - Travel_Tips

Depending on your personality type, you’ll plan your holiday one of two ways: book every part of your holiday so you can tell someone exactly what you’ll be doing at any given moment OR you’ll book your one-way ticket

A city hit list for travelling on a shoestring - Travel_the_World

Travel site Tripomatic has announced the cities that were the most affordable for travellers in 2014. Using the 50 most popular cities in the world* as their starting list, they then ranked these cities in order from cheapest to most expensive

9 travel destinations that will be hot this year - Travel_the_World

Travelling to big cities is always exciting but, so is getting off the beaten track. Here is my pick of 9 destinations that will come into their own this year as they make their way onto more

Travel safety hacks every woman needs to know - Travel_Tips

Having travelled internationally solo, I know that the secret to staying safe can be different for men and women. For all my fellow female solo travellers, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Here are some lessons

How to save money when you’re booking flights - Travel_Tips

I’m someone who makes no apologies for saving up annual leave for my next holiday. In my travels I’ve learnt a thing or two about how to secure a great deal on airfares

Switch off this festive season - Travel_Tips

On a recent holiday I was forced into a mobile black hole due to a misunderstanding that international roaming was set up on my phone

7 summer essentials for your carry on - Travel_Tips

As a redhead, of course sunscreen is going to be at the top of my summer essentials packing list. I love the Banana Boat 30+ spray on. I don’t really seem to miss much skin when I use this spray

Fly to New Zealand, it's so easy - Travel_the_World

New Zealand is the top international destination for travellers from the Hunter region, according to the State of the Nation report released by this week

Five things that will ruin your weekend getaway - Travel_Tips

When you book, not looking at where your hotel is located compared to the action
I did this only once. Found a great-looking hotel. Had all the bells and whistles. Thought I was pretty good

How to fly Newcastle to the Whitsundays - Travel_Australia

"I’m sorry I went on that holiday" said no one, ever.
Go ahead and treat yourself to a cheeky post-Christmas holiday to the Whitsundays

Newcastle Airport's unbusiness breakfast - Airport_News

On Thursday 17 July, we’re officially launching our brand new fundraising initiative, Donate an Hour, with an un-business breakfast

The ultimate carry on kit for chicks - Travel_Tips

Let’s face it. Being a female can be tough—and some days it’s takes more effort than others to look presentable. (We’re not Beyonce; we didn’t wake up like this #flawless.)

Winter getaway: Byron Bay - Travel_Australia

In winter, Australian’s are a bit delusional. Anyone living south of Port Macquarie pretends that it doesn’t get cold in winter. Despite the fact that 4 and 5 degrees at night in winter is common.
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