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Living the jet-set life sounds so glamourous; we see celebrities and bloggers living it up in private planes and flying first class. But for those of us who choose to spend more on the holiday than the transport, I’ll let you in on a little secret: you don’t have to fly first class to fly well!

If you want to travel in style, keep your outfit simple and comfortable.

Travel and style don’t always go hand-in-hand. After a long-haul flight most people feel quite unstylish, but there are some simple ways to change this. 

Here are a few common sense tips to make sure you can avoid wearing trackpants and crocs or arriving to your destination feeling and looking crumpled. 

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The girls from @fashionbloggerstv make travel PJs look cool

Don’t overthink it 

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@tuulavintage nails city dressing

Just because you’re travelling light, there’s no need for multipurpose items: zip-off cargo pants may seem practical, but they’re never a good look. Let’s break it down: if you were wandering the streets of your own city for the day, would you whip out the cargos and hiking boots? Probably not.

Don’t overthink it: if you’re going to a city, dress for the city. If you’re heading to the beach, dress for the beach. You don’t need to try to dress for all occasions at once. 

Don’t panic, it’s organic  

Vacation state of mind 🌿 | 📷 @yuanyu620

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@Zhours in a breezy linen shirt

Natural fibres are your friend! A glitzy nylon top might seem like a good idea but when you’re melting away in the Italian sun you need something that breathes. 
When things cool down, layer up with a nice merino cardy. Merino wool is luxurious but also light-weight and super warm. 

Keep it simple 

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@pepamack makes basics look anything but basic.

A classic white shirt, a simple tee, a nice dark-coloured pair of jeans, neat shorts, and a basic dress will cover almost every base. 

Basics don’t date, they are classic, and can be mixed and matched. An added bonus is that these items aren’t overly memorable in photos; this makes them perfect for outfit repeating which is unavoidable when you’re travelling light.

If you want to mix it up add a colourful scarf or interesting jewellery to your outfit. Keep it simple and your travel outfits will be versatile and elegant.

Flatter your feet

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@stylerunner make jeans and joggers look cool
When you travel you’ll be on your feet more than usual; meandering through markets, wandering cobbled walkways, running along railway stations to find the right platform (we’ve all been there), so you’ll need footwear that won’t compromise your feet – you’re going to be using them a lot! 

Comfort doesn’t always equate to ugly. My advice is to leave the crocs and worn-out runners at home and find some fun trainers that would look just as good with your activewear as your streetwear. Joggers and jeans can totally happen. There are so many shoes out there that are trendy AND comfy for covering the kilometres you do when you travel.

In the bag 

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When you’re exploring you’ll carry more than you usually would. At a minimum you’re likely to have a camera, a notebook, sun cream, and a scarf! But that doesn’t mean you need a trekking pack. 

The best bag is one that doesn’t scream “I’m a tourist and I have lots of expensive things in my bag.”

Dress to respect  

@polkadotpassport in the Blue Mosque in Istanbul
The key to dressing well when you travel is to blend in and be respectful of other cultures. Do your homework so you know the cultural norms and dress accordingly. This could mean you may need to show less skin than usual, a scarf is versatile here – have one on hand for temples and churches.

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