Brindabella in receivership

Brindabella Airlines has been put into receivership.

On Sunday 15 December 2013, KordaMentha were appointed as Receivers and Managers of the Group (‘Receivers’) after the fleet was grounded on Saturday 14 December following CASA maintenance issues.

Brindabella Airlines will no longer be operating flights between Newcastle and Sydney or Canberra.

Passengers seeking flights from Newcastle to Sydney should refer to with connecting flights from Sydney to Canberra with Virgin Australia or Qantas.

Frequently asked questions:

I have a booking – what happens now?
  • The flight will not take place. You should make alternate arrangements. Qantas are commencing replacement flights on some of the routes  
  • The Sydney / Newcastle route is (separately) serviced by Rex if you’d like to make another booking their customer service number is 13 17 13

I paid for a flight – what happens now?
As the flights will not take place, you may be entitled to a refund. This is dependent on how you paid for your flight (i.e. cash, credit card) and / or from where you purchased the ticket (website, travel agent, etc.). The options are as follows:

  • Credit Card: you should refer to your issuing bank - it is possible you will be entitled to claim a “chargeback” via your card issuer. This is likely to be limited to the value of the unflown ticket(s) only and not any further expenses incurred.
  • Cash: unfortunately if you paid by cash, it is likely you will not be entitled to a refund unless you took out insurance AND that insurance covers an event of insolvency (i.e. financial failure of an airline). You should consult your policy or insurance advisor.
  • Travel Agent: you should contact your travel agent.Website: if you purchased the flights via the website, refer to the instructions above about whether you paid via cash or credit card.

Is there any other information available?

  • KordaMentha have been appointed Receivers of Brindabella, their website: – will be updated when additional information becomes available. 
  • The call centre number is 1300 66 88 24 which will open on Monday 16 December 2013 at 10am.
  • They will answer questions as soon as possible but please understand they have a backlog of questions already. 

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