Council approves Airport expansion

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Port Stephens Council has approved Newcastle Airport’s development application to expand the terminal. 

The approved development will more than double the size of the existing terminal in an $80 million expansion.

When completed, Newcastle Airport will have capacity to increase domestic passenger flow from the current 1.2 million to a potential five million annually, as well as provide infrastructure to allow for international flights.

Newcastle Airport has applied for $10 million from the Hunter Infrastructure and Investment Fund (HIIF) which, if successful, will contribute to phase one of the terminal expansion.

The expansion will be staged to ensure changing passenger demands are met. 

Phase one will see a change in the layout of the terminal; the implementation of a ‘swing gate’, allowing domestic flights one day and international the next; expansion of the arrivals area; and infrastructure appropriate for international arrivals and departures, such as customs and quarantine rooms.

At the completion of phase one, assessments will be made as to when the next stage will begin.

The redevelopment will allow the Airport to seek services to other international destinations, such as New Zealand, for which there is significant demand.

The redevelopment will provide the infrastructure needed for Newcastle Airport to be a global transport hub and significant alternate gateway into New South Wales.

Additional information

Once redeveloped terminal will:

  • Have capacity for up to five million passengers annually (current capacity is two million, terminal experiences capacity during peak periods) 
  • Provide permanent international flight capability (eg permanent facilities for immigration, customs, and quarantine) 
  • Improve traffic management on the airport site
  • Provide dedicated passenger pick-up area (not currently available) 
  • Provide economic flow on effects of construction, employment, and tourism

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