Media Release 30.11.16

Australian-first body scan trial launched

Tuesday, 30 November 2016

In an Australian first, Newcastle Airport will from today trial a high-speed full body scanner that will help passengers clear the security screening point faster.

The Quick Personnel Security Scanner completes a scan in a matter of seconds, automatically detecting potentially dangerous items. 

The trial of the new scanning technology, which is already in place across the UK and Europe, has been welcomed by CEO Dr Peter Cock.

“With peak passenger numbers expected through the airport this summer period, the new machine could not have come at a better time,” Peter said.

“We are always looking for ways to improve the screening experience for our passengers. This particular scanner, unlike current scanners at other Australian airports, is open to the surroundings; there is no booth, no rotating elements, and no need for the arms to be raised during the body scan. This makes this scanner easy for passengers to use, meaning we can keep their time in security to a minimum while detecting any prohibited objects quickly.”

The scanner’s new technology means a passenger is not required to raise their arms or turn around during screening. The open plan design means passengers simply stand in front of the scanner with their arms held slightly away from the body. This will assist in processing passengers with medical conditions that restrict movement and streamline the process for those passengers that volunteer to take part in the trial.

“This makes for a more pleasant experience for those suffering medical conditions or with medical implants that don’t allow them to move easily through existing scanning equipment,” Peter said.

The body scanners use millimetre wave technology, not x-ray. If the scanner reports an alarm, the location of the object is marked on a generic graphic of the human body-- with no identifying features--preserving the privacy of passengers.

Tens of thousands of people pass through security screening at Newcastle Airport each month. The trail of this new scanner will help ensure the airport experience for passengers and their loved ones is quick and efficient. 

The trial will take place from 28 November and run for two weeks. The scanner will be located in the area earmarked for our third screening lane. SX Technology staff will be onsite each day to assist.

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