Clean up for Recycling Week

Newcastle Airport welcomes National Recycling Week (7-13 November 2011) as an opportunity to clean up its act using new recycling facilities installed last month.

Funded by Newcastle Airport and the Packaging Stewardship Forum (PSF) of the Australian Food and Grocery Council, 19 new waste and recycling bins were installed throughout the terminal with the call to action Do The Right Thing, Use The Right Bin.

These specially designed bins provide away-from-home recycling opportunities for the Airport’s 1.2 million passengers and more than 300 in-terminal Airport staff.

Newcastle Airport’s CEO, Paul Hughes, said the Airport is proud to partner with the PSF as part of the Airport’s commitment to environmental sustainability.

‘The introduction of this recycling program is one of the initiatives within stage one of Newcastle Airport’s short term environmental sustainability program, which also includes electricity, water, and gas.

‘These new recycling facilities will increase our overall recycling from 6% to more than 95% and reduce our CO2 emissions from landfill by 215 tonnes.’

Jenny Pickles, General Manager of the PSF, applauds Newcastle Airport for actively taking the initiative to provide an easy avenue for customers to recycle their waste whilst at the Airport.

‘Newcastle Airport was eager to encourage recycling in its terminal and we came on board to facilitate that,’ Ms Pickles said.

‘Through strategically placed bin infrastructure, and promotion of the Do the Right Thing, Use the Right Bin message, it makes it just as easy to recycle away-from-home as it is at home.’

Additional information
The PSF is a forum of the Australian Food and Grocery Council. It works with government and industry partners across Australia to deliver recycling, litter reduction and education programs on behalf of its members, Australia’s major beverage companies and their packaging suppliers. The Do the Right Thing Use the Right Bin call to action was developed jointly by the PSF and the Queensland Department of Environment and Resource Management and supported by the Australian Packaging Covenant.

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