Information for DiDi Drivers

DiDi has a Transport Operator Agreement with Newcastle Airport. All DiDi drivers are subject to Newcastle Airport’s terms and conditions of access to operate on site which can be found here.

Newcastle Airport Terms and Conditions of Access for DiDi Newcastle Airport Terms and Conditions of Access for DiDi (169 KB)

The dedicated DiDi and rideshare pick-up point is located in front of Arrivals.

Please note: DiDi drivers are subject to the same parking restrictions as all drivers. Any vehicles picking-up passengers must be attended by the driver at all-times and can only be in this area for a maximum of two-minutes. It is a federal offence to leave vehicles unattended and you risk a fine.

If your passenger is not at the pick-up point you will need to drive on and park in one of the car parks or continue around the loop road.

There is a $3 plus GST airport levy added to all fares leaving Newcastle Airport.

Download our parking map here 

Newcastle Airport Transport Map Newcastle Airport Transport Map (32 KB)

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