Environmental initiatives

Newcastle Airport’s goal is to progressively reduce water and power consumption on the Airport precinct. The Airport is also committed to maximising its recycling outcomes and minimising its waste contribution to land fill.

To achieve these goals, Newcastle Airport has taken a multi-targeted approach to minimise its water, power and waste; this includes:

  • All storm-water is captured and held on site in large retention ponds. Water is slowly returned to the ground water table and local aquifers.
  • The gardens on the Airport precinct are planted (where possible) with drought tolerant plants, are mulched and equipped with water-saving irrigation systems.
  • Introduction of Power Factor Correction equipment (PFC). Power Factor Correction equipment allows a reduction of peak load across the Airport reducing any over load on the network.
  • Newcastle Airport has implemented a full recycling and waste reduction strategy with our partners SITA. Co-mingled and general waste bins have been installed throughout the terminal. The co-mingled material is fully recycled, while the general waste is sorted and organic material mulched and recycled.
  • Newcastle Airport has implemented water-efficient taps (timed taps with reduced flow), shower, and toilet fittings in all its public facilities
  • Where possible, Newcastle Airport has installed timed energy-efficient street lighting, allowing certain lights to turn-off during low traffic periods. Inside the terminal, the Airport has installed sensor lighting to reduce the Airport’s power demand. For more information read our blog post on the lighting upgrade.

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