Baggage and pets


Baggage allowances vary with each airline. The maximum weight for a single piece of luggage is 32kg. Charges may apply with your airline for items exceeding 15kg.

For specific information, contact your airline directly.


If you’re travelling with an animal, transporting an animal via cargo, or receiving an animal, please contact your airline directly for up-to-date information.

Baggage trolleys

Baggage trolleys are available at the check-in and arrivals ends of the terminal at a charge of $5 per trolley. A $1 reward is provided when the trolley is returned to the trolley bay.

Lost property

For assistance with lost or misplaced luggage, luggage left on the baggage carousel, or damaged luggage, please contact your airline directly.

For items lost in taxis on the way to or from the airport, please contact the taxi company directly.

For any items lost or found within the Newcastle Airport terminal, please contact Newcastle Airport reception on phone (02) 4928 9800.

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