The Newcastle Airport Schools Program was developed in 2005 in support of the Human Society and its Environment (HSIE) Syllabus for Stage 1 students. The HSIE Syllabus provides an opportunity for students to explore the world of Transport and Workers in the Community.

Our award winning Newcastle Airport Schools Program offers a unique opportunity for students to experience the behind-the-scenes of a busy airport and transport hub.

Since its inception, this free-of-charge Program has proven to be enormously popular with schools within the region. In 2011 alone, more than 3,500 students participated in the Schools Program.

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Note: there are significant changes to the in-class component of our Schools Program in 2012.  This component will not be delivered to students at your school; instead, this will be delivered to students at the Airport in a classroom type environment immediately before the behind-the-scenes tour.  Due to this change, the entire excursion at the Airport will take approximately 90 minutes. 
Excursion part 1:  Information discussion
In a classroom-style setting, students are provided information about flying and why this is an important mode of transport.  Using visual aids, students will be taught key aviation terms which they will be asked to recall later in the excursion. 

Excursion part 2: Behind-the-scenes

The tour is structured as follows: 

On completion of the Schools Program, students will:
> be able to identify the different people who work at an airport, the services they provide and the significance of their role
> understand the importance of an airport as a major transport hub and will be able to recognise the features of an airport
> witness the behind-the-scenes systems that allow an airport to operate and learn why they are required
> learn how different people in the community utilise an airport for different needs