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Car Parking 
Newcastle Airport's car parking has been designed to ensure you have a range of parking and pricing options available to suit your specific needs.

Please note: Bookings cannot be taken for any car parking. You can, however, estimate your parking rate using our Car Parking Calculator.

Did you know?

There are a number of ways to pay for parking at Newcastle Airport. Some customers prefer the speedy ticketless entry, while other prefer the convenience of paying with cash inside the terminal. It's your choice!

  • Premium
  • Short Stay
  • Long Stay
  • Long Stay Saver

Secure undercover parking, ideal for long term stays

Flat daily rate only
$40 / day

Secure, covered parking

parking / access

1-min walk from terminal

Perfect for quick visits, pick-ups, and drop-offs

Hourly and flat daily rate
$5 / hour (up to 3hr)
$35 flat rate (5-24hr)
then $35 / day

Outdoor parking

parking / access

Family parking

1-min walk from terminal

Close, long-term parking, great for short trips

Daily rate  
up to $25 / day

Outdoor parking

parking / access

5-min walk from terminal

Long term parking for those long trips and the budget-conscious traveller

Hourly and flat daily rate
$2.50 for up to 1 hr
$17 flat rate (3-24 hrs)
then up to $20 / day

Outdoor parking

parking / access

7-min walk
from terminal Free shuttle bus

Frequently asked questions

How much am I going to pay?

Car park charges are dependent on your choice of parking and length of stay. The car parking calculator found here can assist you to determine which designated car park is best suited to your needs and budget.

How can I pay for parking?

Parking can be paid for at any of the parking pay stations within the terminal. Payment methods are cash and credit card.

Payment for parking can also be made at the exit gate. Upon entry into the car park insert your credit card and park. When exiting through the boom gate insert the same credit card and payment will be deducted automatically from your card and receipt issued.

Alternatively, take a ticket as you enter the car park and when you exit the car park through the boom gate, insert your parking ticket and once prompted either insert your credit card or use the PayPass option.

Disabled, motorcycle & family parks  

Disabled parking is available in each car park. Designated family bays will be available in Short Stay Car Park. Motorcycle car parks are found in Short Stay Car Park 2.

Traffic updates

For live traffic updates and traveller information visit Live Traffic NSW. The RMS website also features a range of other useful road and traffic information for drivers.

Comments and feedback

We value your feedback and are constantly looking for way to improve our service. Please direct your comments to the Airport via Contact us or in writing:

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