Drop-off and pick-up


 Passenger drop-off and pick-up zone.
 Two-minutes ONLY 
 Disabled drop-off and pick-up ONLY 

 Taxi rank

 Shuttle bus and limousine pick-up area  
 Uber & Rideshare 
 Public Bus                      

If you are dropping-off or picking-up passengers we recommend parking in either of our Short Stay Car Parks. Short Stay Car Park 1 is less than a 1-minute walk to the terminal while Short Stay 2 takes just under 2-minutes. To park in either costs just $5 for up to an hour, giving you the freedom to greet family and friends in the terminal building.

Say goodbye in the Departure Lounge        
Did you know you can say goodbye at the gate? Simply accompany your family members or friends through domestic security screening and relax with them in the Departures Lounge until it’s time to board the plane. Remember you will be subject to the same security screening process as all domestic passengers so avoid carrying or wearing metal items that may trigger metal detector alarms (eg belts, large buttons, body piercings, and steel toe/capped shoes). 

Greet family and friends in Arrivals        
Greeting family and friends in the Arrivals Lounge is easy. There’s plenty of seating and large windows overlooking the airport runway where you can watch loved ones disembark from their aircraft and walk into the terminal. Cibo Café is located at the entrance and is the perfect place to grab a coffee while you wait.   

Passenger drop-off and pick-up zone - two-minutes ONLY  
Newcastle Airport has designated drop-off and pick-up zones in front of the terminal building. Vehicles dropping-off or picking-up passengers must be attended by the driver at all-times and can only be in this area for a maximum of two-minutes. It is a federal offence to leave vehicles unattended and you risk a fine.   

A couple of things to keep in mind with this option:

  • the driver must not exit the vehicle at any point, and 
  • the passenger must be waiting for the car when it pulls up curb side. 

Park for $2.50 in Long Stay Saver Car Park
Parking in the Long Stay Saver Car Park costs $2.50 for up to an hour, making it the perfect option for budget conscious people. The Long Stay Saver Car Park is an approximate 7-minute walk to the terminal or you can catch the Long Stay Saver Shuttle.

For more information on airport parking visit the Car Parking webpage.



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