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Newcastle Airport is a commercial passenger airport serviced by airline partners, Eastern Air Services, FlyPelican, Link Airways, Jetstar, Qantas, Regional Express (REX) and Virgin Australia.

Newcastle Airport also accepts itinerant aircraft according to our standard Conditions of Use . All itinerant aircraft must comply with the Terms and Conditions outlined in Newcastle Airport's Conditions of Use document.

Our airport operating hours are between 0600-2200.

Any requests for private flights will be considered in accordance with our operating agreement with RAAF Williamtown. Recreational flights will not be considered.

If you are an airline operating Regular Passenger Traffic (RPT) services please contact us directly to discuss opportunities for flights into and out of Newcastle Airport.

Type of fee Fee  
Apron charge / landing fee $9.25 per tonne based on MTOW (minimum $46.23 below 5 tonne per landing) + GST
Parking charge $10 per tonne (after two hours) based on MTOW  (minimum charge $97.31) charges per 24 hour period + GST
Passenger screening charge $9.12 per departing passenger + GST
Marshalling $42.63 per aircraft + GST
Late arrivals
(between 2200 and 0600)
$857.17 per aircraft + GST
Terminal Passenger charge $3.64 per tonne based on MTOW + GST
ARFF $8.88 per tonne based on MTOW + GST
ATC $4.430 per tonne based on MTOW + GST
International Terminal Passenger charge $35.2 per arriving and departing passenger + GST

Aircraft movement approval form 

Newcastle Airport manages the approval process for civil operations into RAAF Base Williamtown, in accordance with an operating agreement with Air Force Headquarters. Any foreign registered aircraft and international charters will require Defence approval, which may take up to seven days.

To request approval for an aircraft movement, please complete and submit the form below.

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Aircraft movement approval form

I understand that charges will be based on the MTOW provided and I am responsible for providing the correct details *


Excluding pilot


Excluding pilot

Arrivals (if second movement is required)

Excluding pilot

Departing (if second movement is required)

Excluding pilot

Justification and requirements

Is the aircraft arriving and/or carrying passengers from an international destination? *


Has the aircraft met CASA safety and compliance requirements? *


Is the requested aircraft movement classified as a charter in accordance with CAR 206 (1) b? *


e.g. fuel
I agree with the conditions of use of the airport *

Download conditions of use here

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