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Newcastle Airport supports government measures being taken to curb the further spread of COVID-19 and is working closely with New South Wales government agencies to implement the required changes.

If you are travelling in and out of Newcastle Airport please consult the relevant websites for clarity on health screening, travel restrictions and other travel information. This should include the NSW Government website, and also the government website from where you're flying (if inbound to Newcastle), as well as your airline.

Face masks 

After a meeting of Federal Cabinet on Friday 8 January, the Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced a number of measures aimed at curbing the further spread of COVID-19, particularly in light of a more virulent strain, emerging from Great Britain.

Among these announcements, the Prime Minister stated that mask wearing will be mandatory on all domestic flights and at airports for all persons in Australia, excluding children under 12, and those with other accepted exemptions. Following this announcement, Newcastle Airport moved quickly to strongly recommend all passengers and visitors to our airport wear masks when inside the airport terminal.

Since the federal government announcement, NSW has mandated face masks at all NSW airports and on flights to and from NSW from 12.00am Tuesday, 12 January 2021. All passengers are encouraged to bring their own face masks when visiting Newcastle Airport. Please go directly to the NSW Government website for further information about wearing a mask. In the meantime, Newcastle Airport strongly encourages that face masks are worn when in the airport until this order is in place.

Airlines have already mandated the use of masks on all domestic flights and will insist on compliance prior to boarding.

Domestic travel restrictions

All states and territories have put in place their own travel restrictions. Please go directly to the relevant government website below to find out more.

Health & safety measures at Newcastle Airport

We understand the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic may be causing some people to think more carefully about travel safety.

To help you feel more at ease on your journey through Newcastle Airport, we’ve implemented a number of additional health and safety practices.

Mask wearing inside the terminal - NSW has mandated face masks at all NSW airports and on flights to and from NSW from 12.00am Tuesday, 12 January 2021. All passengers are encouraged to bring their own face masks when visiting Newcastle Airport. 

More cleaning services – we’ve increased the number of disinfectant wipe downs of surfaces, objects and key touch points within the terminal.

More hand sanitiser – additional hand sanitiser stations have been placed throughout the terminal, including check in, Departures and Arrivals.

More signage - we’ve added more signage in and around the terminal, keeping passengers informed of essential hygiene practices, including what to do if you are feeling unwell.

More fresh air - most of our air conditioning systems throughout the terminal are using fresh air, not recycled.

More training - additional training of airport precinct staff has been undertaken to enable them to isolate and escalate any potential COVID-19 cases, which may present at the airport.

We’re also working closely with our retailers and contractors to ensure they are consistently adhering to the latest Government advice around health & safety measures, including hygiene and social/physical distancing.

How you can help reduce the risks

Our passengers can help reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission by applying good hygiene practices and keeping the recommended distance from others.

When you are travelling through our airport please practice the following:

  • making sure you clean your hands thoroughly for at least 20 seconds with soap and water, or an alcohol-based hand rub;
  • cover your nose and mouth when coughing and sneezing with a tissue or a flexed elbow; and
  • avoiding close contact with anyone with cold or flu-like symptoms.

Make sure you stay at home if you are sick and arrange to be tested for Coronavirus (COVID-19).

For access to more information about Newcastle Airport’s response to Coronavirus (COVID-19) please read our Helping you travel safely blog & FAQs or contact us, or alternatively visit the following government websites.


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